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Full Life Crusade’s Haitian Mission program is now being offered in Haiti. We support the mission for revival in Haiti. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation or participating in our pen pal program. We are now conducting our Rescue Mission program in Haiti as well, sending bags containing protein bars, life straws, and other supplies.

  • Introduction

    In 1965, Full Life Crusade was founded out of necessi-ty. It began when Wesley Smith, a 26-year-old school teacher from Flint, Michigan, began leading many of his students to the Lord. These students began taking the good news of Jesus Christ into the streets. Wes rented a store front building where they could all meet along with other adults for Bible studies. He began to feel God call-ing him to preach the gospel. He married soon afterward and started financially supporting his father-in-law, George Clérié, who was a pastor in the country of Haiti. Pastor Clérié had been preaching and pastoring in Haiti for 30 years, starting 14 churches, 5 schools, and leading nearly 10,000 people to Christ. When he died, Wes quit his job and began taking groups of people to Haiti to ex-pose them to the needs there. These were the simple be-ginnings of Full Life Crusade.
  • What is Full Life Crusade?

    Full Life Crusade provides opportunities for personal and spiritual growth with retreats that are free, encour-age, uplift, and strengthen our team members. In addi-tion, Full Life Crusade provides many and varied oppor-tunities for the Haitian people. This combination is transforming.

    Many conferences and retreats offer just words. Many mission trips are focused on deeds. Full Life Crusade offers the best of both. We believe that this is the secret to true spiritual growth: Hearing the word, and then do-ing what it says.

  • Brief History

    Full Life Crusade was founded in the 1960s in response to the work of native Haitian and country preacher, George Clerie, who traveled on foot to remote areas, hours outside of Jeremie in rugged mountain terrain to preach the gospel. He led thousands of people to the Lord and established ten remote churches. FLC brings encouragement to these be-lievers with special teams to visit them in their hard-to-get-to locations, both in a physical and spiritual capacity. From mobile dental clinics to prayer teams to eye-glass fitting clinics, Full Life supports these churches by encouraging them in unique ways. The churches themselves have been largely self-supported financially. Until now.
  • Full Life Crusade Today

    Crops have been utterly decimated. The Grand-Anse Province, known for its fruit production will take years and years to recover, as trees have been totally stripped bare or uprooted entirely. Part of FLCs ministry is to bring seeds, seedlings, and trees to the farmers so they can start over. Farming in this region is critical to survival.

    Right now, we are helping to rebuild homes and and providing temporary shelters to Jeremie. We expect to be working for the next couple of years just to repair the im-mense damage caused by the hurricane. We could not do any of this without your gifts! You are so important in this work. Thank you so much for partnering with us to help Haiti!

The Appeal

“Full Life Crusade is a united enterprise for the Lord to win souls. We invite you to join us hand in hand to help bring these souls to the Lord,”. Through the Grace of God the reputation of Full Life Crusade has spread throughout the Jeremie Haiti area. However, Full Life Crusade continues to grow and is in need of funding. In addition, the Mission is also in need of additional teachers and caregivers.

We would ask that you prayerfully consider whether you could make Full Life Crusade a part of the mission outreach program of your church. We would also ask you to consider sending individuals to Haiti to provide mission work. This work could be in the form of teaching, as medical assistants, or in general construction work.

Visiting Haiti Trip...

In time, if the Lord so moves, perhaps we can visit Haiti as a small group. Perhaps some of your Sunday School children can write to the children of Haiti as ‘pen pals.”

Let us come to your church or facility and present the story of Full Life Crusade.

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