The Sermons of Richard W. Braman

Volume 1 and Volume 2

Rev. Richard Braman

Let us give thanks to God for the life and work of Rev. Braman
In Christ, The Braman Foundation

Rev. Richard Braman, born on August 1929, wrote and delivered over 360 sermons in which this volume contains the beginning of his preaching and writing. Although, not born to a particularly spiritually or religious family, he wrote in his memories of a calling to serve the Lord at an early age of 18.
He married his wife Gladys in 1948. Mrs. Braman was saved at the age of 14.

She began to pray for Richard and in 1955 Richard had a conversion experience as a result of a Rev. Graham crusade. His first sermon called "A Conversion Experience" speaks volumes of his personal conversion.

Rev. Braman began a home Correspondence course through the United Methodist Church in 1956. He worked on his studies for several years until ordained in 1962. He continued to study the Correspondence course in addition to many Cokebury publications until his passing.

The Rev. Braman was a writer of Evangelism. He felt strongly that all his sermons and writing should be directed by scripture or several scriptres. As you read his sermons this will become eveident. His style was direct and to the point.

Richard believed that Jesus Christ was Gods only son and that who ever believed in Him shall have eternal life. In fact John 3:16 was his favorite Bible verse. He preached not only in the Fultonham United Church, but also in two churches in Ohio: South Harpersfied United Church and the United Methodist Church in Cork, OH.

As you read these sermons may the Holy Spirit continue to guide your path and may the Grace of our Lord continue to bless your life and your families' lives. If you have never had the experience of realizing Jesus as your personal Savior just ask him to come in your heart and He will.

Let us thank God for the life of Rev. Richard Braman and give praise and thanksgiving.

In Christ,
The Braman Foundation
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